by Values (Official)

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released March 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Values (Official) Enfield, Connecticut

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Track Name: Modern Love
Do you feel more like a man?
Do you feel more like a man?
You write your life in violence
and scream it to the world
In a life worth living
you let your anger prevail
Two daughters, a wife, and all the tears they shed
Knuckles contorted into vicious grips
Can you breathe?
Can you breathe motherfucker?
Can you breathe?
Can you breathe motherfucker?
This is turning, into a murder
Quite a mess they'll have to clean up
When I'm, through with you
Decorate the crime scene
With your liquid filth
Proud to be the final eyes
You'll ever look into
All your life's a waste
Just a fucking waste
Track Name: Enablers
Slipping further into delusion
Crowding thoughts with fantasy
You fill your life with enablers
to justify your vile habits
I speak to you as your fucking villain
with violence coursing through my voice
I'll speak
These simple words
You live your life to meet the grave
As you crush your words between your teeth
You'll end up dead on the pavement
All used, and empty
Who fucking cares?
Track Name: Violence feat. Chris Wojnicki of Before I Had Wings
Lights shine against the crowd
Reflecting eyes, blinded by hatred
(by hatred)
Shadows cast, into rhythms of chaos
A pull of the trigger, another life lost
(life lost)
Breathing pain
(Into your family)
Giving life
(To new desperation)
They'll miss you so
(Your body rotting)
The events your death has triggered
(Your failed survival, will cost her dearly 'bleh')
(Vision blurring)
(Breathing Slowing)
(One Life, for the lives of many)
(I'll shut my eyes)
(and pretend you're still breathing)
Track Name: Cave In
She looked so beautiful
Dressed in the blood
drained from her veins
A hiding place, so out of reach
I'll keep on driving
as the trunk fills with red
You were labeled as a whore
your lifeless body, I adore
Our final stop is a place you'll rest
No flowers, no mourning, no final goodbyes
Your voice still makes a sound
Inside my bitter head
How wonderfully vile
The smell of your perfume
Mixed with the smell of your decay
I felt so heartbroken
Leaving her body
I would do it again
Track Name: Finding Paradise
Hiding beneath your shadow
Smiling, preparing for satiation
I've got this bitter mindset
All that you've done to me
Will find it's place, inside the knife wound
Deeper incisions, the blood in my smile
So euphoric, the feeling of the blade
Scraping, against the bone
Your mistakes cost me my family
I'll end you with joy in my eyes
Riots, murder, robberies, addiction
I see now coming down from the high
this world they've created is a fucking lie
to sum up, I'm just dead inside
but who gives a fuck
I've found my paradise
I've found my paradise
Track Name: Calloused Eyes
Held down by your mess of nerves
Tangled sweetly in your criminal intent
It's all a result of your selflessness
We'll let the fires burn
We'll let the bullets project
Violence to put our lives
Back on track
With no regard to who
We've become
And with no remorse
We'll change the course of various lives
Just taking and taking and taking
There's got to be
More to life
There's got to be
More to life